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What are the requirements for printed circuit board standards

Time:2021-07-12 09:15

Whether it is the PCB industry or other manufacturing industries, there are some basic printing standards specifications for professional PCB manufacturers, printed circuit boards need to meet the following basic standards to qualify.  
1 IPC-SA-61A/62A standard: after welding (semi-) water into the cleaning manual, semi-water into the cleaning include chemically generated residues, equipment, processes, process control and environmental safety aspects, respectively, water into the cleaning manual mainly describes the manufacturing of residues generated, water into the cleaning process, quality control, personnel safety and cleanliness determination costs.  
2.IPC/EIAJ-STD004/005/004A standard: flux specifications requirements including rosin, resin, etc., organic and inorganic fluxes classified according to the content of halides in the flux and the degree of activation, also including the use of fluxes, substances containing fluxes and the name cleaning process used to low residual fluxes, according to the standard requirements listed in the characteristics of the solder friendship and technical instructions Requirements, electronic grade solder alloy, flux and non-flux solid solder specification requirements.  
Printed wiring boards
3. IPC-TA-722/7530 standard: soldering technology assessment manual, including management soldering, soldering materials, wave soldering, manual soldering, batch soldering, reflow soldering, vapor phase soldering, etc. Batch welding process temperature profile guidance, using a variety of test means, techniques and methods in the acquisition of temperature profiles.
4.IPC-D-279/317A standard: Reliability guidelines for surface mount technology/hybrid technology printed circuit boards, using high-speed technology electronic package design handbook to provide guidance for high-speed circuit board design.  
5. IPC-M-I08/I04 standard: I08 the latest IPC cleaning instruction manual, to process technicians to provide product cleaning and troubleshooting methods, I04 respectively, including printed circuit board assembly (10) basic standards.

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