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What is BGA in SMT placement processing?

Time:2021-07-03 10:21

SMT chip processing BGA is a packaging method, BGA is the abbreviation of English BallGridArray, translated into Chinese as ball grid array package. With the continuous development of electronic technology in the 1990s, IC processing speed has also been increasing. The number of I/O pins on an IC chip continued to increase, and various levels of factors clearly suggested higher IC packaging. In addition, in order to consider the development of electronic devices in the direction of miniaturization and precision, BGA packages were introduced and put into production. The following technical professional SMT chip processing factory Pate High Precision gives you a brief introduction to the basic processing information of BGA.
In the specific SMT slicing process, the thickness of the stencil is generally available, but too thick a stencil in the BGA device welding process is likely to cause tin connections. According to Pate's high precision surface assembly and production experience, the stencil thickness is well suited for BGA devices and also moderately expands the total area of the stencil opening.
B.Solder Paste
BGA devices have small pin spacing, so the solder paste used also specifies small particles of metallic material. Too many particles of metal material will lead to a uniform tin in the SMT process.
C connection temperature setting
In the whole process of SMT placement processing, generally use reflow oven. Before soldering BGA package components, the temperature of each area must be set in accordance with the processing regulations, and the temperature around the spot welding is detected with an RTD camera.
D. Post-soldering inspection
After SMT processing, the BGA package device should be strictly inspected to prevent some SMD defects.
SMT placement processing
E.Advantages of BGA package.
1.Improve assembly yields.
2. improve electrical heating performance.
3. reduction of volume and quality.
4. reduction of parasitic parameters.
5. small delay in signal transmission.
6. increased frequency of use.
7. good product reputation.
F.BGA package defects.
1.post-solder inspection must be based on X-ray.
2.Increased cost of electronic production.
3. increased maintenance costs.
Due to its packaging characteristics, BGA in SMT placement welding is very difficult, in order to ensure the welding quality of BGA devices, the actual operation of casting defects and rework is also more difficult.  SMT placement processing plant generally focus on the following levels: pay attention to the order of processing requirements.
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